XXL Nutrition - Färdiglagad lax på burk, 160 gr

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-Högkvalitativ lax på burk -23 gram protein per burk -Rik på omega 3 -Enkel och smidig att ta med -Protein hjälper till att upprätthålla och stödja muskelmassa

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Leverantör: XXl Nutrition

Atlantic Salmon Filet

New at XXL Nutrition: Atlantic Salmon Filet. This delicious salmon filet comes in handy 160 grams containers and contains 23 grams of protein! Apart from salmon, the containers only contain a little bit of salt. You will only provide your body with pure and natural ingredients.

Salmon is a natural source of omega 3, which consists of EPA and DHA, which both contribute to the normal functioning of the heart*. Atlantic Salmon Filet contains 10% fat (of which only 1,6% is saturated) and no carbohydrates. Atlantic Salmon Filet is also gluten free and non-GMO.


*With 250 mg of EPA and DHA per day.

How to use Atlantic Salmon Filet

The salmon in the Atlantic Salmon Filet containers is ready to use. You can even eat it straight from the container, but you can also add it to a salad and make it a protein rich lunch. Atlantic Salmon Filet is also suitable to heat up. To use in a pasta sauce for instance. In short, the possibilities are endless. Did we miss a variation? Leave it behind in the comments.